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Football Fics

Footie Fics
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This is a community run by pretty_panther, sadwal1538 and _runningmascara for football fanfiction. Here we welcome with open arms fic of all ratings in all genres whether it be general, het, or slash.

We don’t discriminate against any teams, players, or genres. If you wrote it and its football, then we want it! Be that as it may, you must note that this community will contain fiction of a homoerotic nature. Therefore, it is mandatory that labelling of fics which state whether the fiction is het, slash, or gen. This allows members to avoid those types of fics which they may not wish to read.

Picspams are welcome but must be hidden under a cut.

Icons are also welcome. A preview of 3 icons is required. Please place further icons under an lj-cut and tag all entries appropriately.

Artworks, manips, fanvids, picspams, and most other forms of fanarts are also welcome.

LJ-cut codes:


This community is members locked.

1. Applications will be responded to as soon as possible.

2. Please only join if you are over the age of consent in your country. If this cannot be determines by a mod, your request will be denied.

3. Only apply for membership once. Repeated requests will only irritate your mods. We will get there, don’t worry. Empty, new, or inactive journals may be denied membership. PM a mod, once, if you feel you have been wrongly rejected membership.

4. All members will have posting access. Please do not abuse this.

5. Direct all questions to one of your mods: pretty_panther sadwal1538 and _runningmascara (mod journal footie_mod) via pm or by emailing footiefic@googlemail.com.

Community Rules

Rule 1. Play nice! At footiefic we will not tolerate blatant flaming of any of the writers here. Constructive criticism is the best way for writers to progress. Anyone caught repeatedly flaming a poster will be banned from the community if they do not take heed of warnings . Respect other members. Their opinions may differ from yours but that does not mean they are wrong.

Rule 2. All Fics must use a header like this,

If your fic doesn’t have this header then you may be warned or the entry may be deleted. Just because you like a genre does not mean that all others do too.

Rule 4. TAG ACCORDINGLY. We have tags, please use them! If we don't have a tag that you need, ask for it. We will get to your request as soon as we can. Type, rating and player tags are a must!

Rule 5. Have fun!

Community Activities

From time to time there could be some icon or fic challenges in the community. They will be friendly to slash, gen, and het fics and are completely voluntary. If you don‘t want to take part, don‘t, simple as that.


charliemc for the profile code.
estiloamor for the layout.
_runningmascara for the header


We would like to thank our affiliates:

football slash proboards a discussion forum

If you would like to affiliate with us, please visit this post.